Add support for X11

Packages describing “X” as local USE flag

Package “X” Flag Description
sys-apps/hwloc use the X Window System
kde-frameworks/kglobalaccel Build the kglobalacceld runtime needed for X
media-video/vlc Enable support for e.g. fullscreen mode via X and the X C-language binding. It does not build a graphical interface
dev-qt/qtgui Build the XCB platform plugin and enable X11 integration
media-sound/pulseaudio-daemon Build the X11 publish module to export PulseAudio information through X11 protocol for clients to make use. Don't enable this flag if you want to use a system wide instance. If unsure, enable this flag.
x11-apps/igt-gpu-tools Enable intel-gpu-overlay xlib/cairo backend
x11-libs/pango Build and install the legacy pangoxft library
kde-apps/ktouch Enable support for X11 Keyboard Layout Detection
app-office/sc-im Use x11-misc/xclip for clipboard copy/paste
media-gfx/fbida Install the Motif based image viewer "ida"
media-radio/ax25-tools Enable some X based configuration tools.
app-editors/vim Link console vim against X11 libraries to enable title and clipboard features in xterm
gui-libs/wlroots Enable support for X11 applications (XWayland)
app-misc/broot X11 clipboard interaction
gui-wm/sway Enable support for X11 applications (XWayland)
net-print/hplip Enables scanner GUI dependencies with USE="scanner" where media-gfx/xsane is preferred over media-gfx/sane-frontends
sys-apps/firejail Enable X11 sandboxing
dev-libs/m17n-lib Build the Graphical User Interface API and utilities
media-libs/imlib2 Use the X window system
dev-qt/qtbase Build the XCB platform plugin and enable X11 integration
kde-misc/kdeconnect Enable remote input mousepad plugin using x11-libs/libfakekey
app-misc/screenfetch Use the media-gfx/scrot package to take screenshots
net-im/qtox Enable auto-away support
media-gfx/graphviz Builds dotty, lneato, unflatten, vimdot, builds plugin -Txlib, and enables support for x11 in various other modules (needs cairo)
kde-apps/kio-extras Enable support for XCursor thumbnails via x11-libs/libX11
dev-lisp/cmucl Build CLX, CLM, or Hemlock
app-editors/featherpad Link application against X11 libraries which adds support for virtual desktop awareness and tab DND
gui-wm/hikari Enable support for X11 applications (XWayland)
media-video/pipewire Enable audible bell for X11
app-misc/neofetch Enable support for detecting DEs, WMs, screen resolutions, and showing images from an X terminal
media-libs/gst-plugins-base Enable ximagesink and xvimagesink plugins; build GLX platform support if USE=opengl is enabled; build x11 windowing system support if USE=egl is enabled
sys-apps/duc Use X11 for the GUI instead of OpenGL. This is the recommended option
app-admin/gkrellm Build both the X11 gui (gkrellm) and the server (gkrellmd). Disabling this flag builds the server only
app-admin/pass Use x11-misc/xclip to copy passwords to the clipboard.

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