9libs A package of Plan 9 compatibility libraries
amdgpu-pro-opencl Proprietary OpenCL implementation for AMD GPUs
aml event timer executor loop
angelscript A flexible, cross-platform scripting library
antlr-c The ANTLR3 C Runtime
appstream Cross-distro effort for providing metadata for software in the Linux ecosystem
appstream-glib Provides GObjects and helper methods to read and write AppStream metadata
apr Apache Portable Runtime Library
apr-util Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library
argtable An ANSI C library for parsing GNU-style command-line options with minimal fuss
atcore API to manage the serial connection between the computer and 3D Printers
atf Libraries to write tests in C, C++ and shell
atk GTK+ & GNOME Accessibility Toolkit
avro-c c library for the apache avro data serialization system
aws-c-cal Crypto Abstraction Layer: Cross-Platform C99 wrapper for cryptography primitives
aws-c-common Core c99 package for AWS SDK for C
aws-c-event-stream C99 implementation of the content-type
aws-checksums Cross-Platform HW accelerated CRC32c and CRC32 with software fallbacks
aws-c-io AWS SDK for C module, handles IO and TLS work for application protocols
aws-sdk-cpp AWS SDK for C++
bareos-fastlzlib Fork of zlib-like interface to fast block compression (LZ4 or FastLZ) libraries
bcm2835 Provides access to GPIO and other IO functions on the Broadcom BCM2835
bemenu dmenu clone for wayland
bglibs Bruce Guenter's Libraries Collection
bitset A compressed bitset with supporting data structures and algorithms
boehm-gc The Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector
boost Boost Libraries for C++
boost-mpl-cartesian_product an extension to the Boost.MPL library
botan C++ crypto library
boxfort Convenient & cross-platform sandboxing C library
busybee A messaging abstraction on top of TCP sockets used in HyperDex
capnproto RPC/Serialization system with capabilities support
capstone disassembly/disassembler framework + bindings
c-blosc Blocking, shuffling and lossless compression library
c-capnproto C library/compiler for the Cap'n Proto serialization/RPC protocol
cdk A library of curses widgets
cereal Header-only C++11 serialization library
cgilib A simple and lightweight interface to the CGI for C and C++ programs
cgreen Unit test and mocking framework for C and C++
check A unit test framework for C
chmlib Library for MS CHM (compressed html) file format
cJSON Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C
cl OpenCL bindings for Erlang
clhpp Khronos OpenCL C++ bindings
clipper Polygon and line clipping and offsetting library (C++, C#, Delphi)
cloog A loop generator for scanning polyhedra
collada-dom COLLADA Document Object Model (DOM) C++ Library
concurrencykit A library with concurrency related algorithms and data structures in C
confuse a configuration file parser library
console_bridge A ROS-independent package for logging into rosconsole/rosout
cppcodec C++11 library to encode/decode base64, base64url, base32, base32hex and hex
crc32c CRC32C implementation with support for CPU-specific acceleration instructions
criterion Cross platform unit testing framework for C and C++
crossguid Lightweight cross platform C++ GUID/UUID library
crypto++ C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
cudnn NVIDIA Accelerated Deep Learning on GPU library
cvector An ANSI C implementation of dynamic arrays (approximation of C++ vectors)
cxxopts Lightweight C++ command line option parser
cxxtools Collection of general purpose C++-classes
cyberjack REINER SCT cyberJack USB chipcard reader user space driver
cyrus-sasl The Cyrus SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)
d0_blind_id Blind-ID library for user identification using RSA blind signatures
darts A C++ template library that implements Double-Array
date A date and time library based on the C++11/14/17 <chrono> header
dbus-c++ Provides a C++ API for D-BUS
dbus-glib D-Bus bindings for glib
device-atlas-api-c API to detect devices based on the User-Agent HTTP header
dietlibc A libc optimized for small size
ding-libs set of utility libraries (mostly used by sssd)
distorm3 The ultimate disassembler library (X86-32, X86-64)
dmalloc A Debug Malloc Library
dotconf dot.conf configuration file parser
double-conversion Binary-decimal and decimal-binary conversion routines for IEEE doubles
dqlite Embeddable, replicated and fault tolerant SQL engine
eb EB is a C library and utilities for accessing CD-ROM books
editline line editing library for UNIX call compatible with the FSF readline
eekboard An easy to use virtual keyboard toolkit
efl Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package
elfutils Libraries/utilities to handle ELF objects (drop in replacement for libelf)
ell Embedded Linux Library provides core, low-level functionality for system daemons
eventlog Support library for syslog-ng
expat Stream-oriented XML parser library
faxpp Small, fast and conformant XML pull parser written in C
fcgi FastCGI Developer's Kit
fddl Free Decision Diagram Library
ferrisloki Loki C++ library from Modern C++ Design
ffcall Build foreign function call interfaces in embedded interpreter
flatbuffers Memory efficient serialization library
folks Library for aggregating people from multiple sources
foma A set of utilities for constructing finite-state automata and transducers
freexl Simple XLS data extraction library
fribidi A free implementation of the unicode bidirectional algorithm
fstrm Frame Streams implementation in C
gdl GNOME docking library
geoip GeoIP Legacy C API
gf2x C/C++ routines for fast arithmetic in GF(2)[x]
gf-complete A Comprehensive Open Source Library for Galois Field Arithmetic
girara UI library that focuses on simplicity and minimalism
gjs Javascript bindings for GNOME
glib The GLib library of C routines
gmime Utilities for creating and parsing messages using MIME
gmp Library for arbitrary-precision arithmetic on different type of numbers
gnulib Library of common routines intended to be shared
gobject-introspection Introspection system for GObject-based libraries
gobject-introspection-common Build infrastructure for GObject Introspection
go-fuse FUSE bindings for Go
gom GObject to SQLite object mapper library
gost-engine A reference implementation of the Russian GOST crypto algorithms for OpenSSL
granite Elementary OS library that extends GTK+
grantlee C++ string template engine based on the Django template system
gtx Small collection of functions intended to enhance the GLib testing framework
gumbo The HTML5 parsing algorithm implemented as a pure C99 library
hidapi A multi-platform library for USB and Bluetooth HID-Class devices
hiredis Minimalistic C client library for the Redis database
http-fetcher Library for downloading files via HTTP using the GET method
hyperscan High-performance regular expression matching library
hyphen ALTLinux hyphenation library
Ice ICE middleware C++ library and generator tools
icinga-php-library Icinga PHP libraries for Icinga Web 2.
icinga-php-thirdparty Icinga PHP libraries for Icinga Web 2.
icu International Components for Unicode
icu-layoutex External layout part of International Components for Unicode
icu-le-hb ICU Layout Engine API on top of HarfBuzz shaping library
igraph Creating and manipulating undirected and directed graphs
iksemel eXtensible Markup Language parser library designed for Jabber applications
imath Imath basic math package
inih inih (INI not invented here) simple .INI file parser
iniparser A free stand-alone ini file parsing library
injeqt Dependency injection framework for Qt5
input-pad On-screen input pad to send characters with mouse
intel-compute-runtime Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for oneAPI Level Zero and OpenCL Driver
isl A library for manipulating integer points bounded by linear constraints
ivykis Library for asynchronous I/O readiness notification
jansson C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
jemalloc Jemalloc is a general-purpose scalable concurrent allocator
jerasure A Library in C Facilitating Erasure Coding for Storage Applications
json-c A JSON implementation in C
jsoncpp C++ JSON reader and writer
json-glib Library providing GLib serialization and deserialization for the JSON format
jsonrpc-glib JSON-RPC library for GLib
jthread JThread provides some classes to make use of threads easy on different platforms
judy A C library that implements a dynamic array
kasync C++ library for controlling asynchronous tasks
kdiagram Powerful libraries (KChart, KGantt) for creating business diagrams
keybinder A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts
keystone assembly/assembler framework + bindings
kopeninghours Library for parsing and evaluating OSM opening hours expressions
kosmindoormap Data Model and Extraction System for Travel Reservation information
kpathsea Path searching library for TeX-related files
kpeoplevcard Library to expose vcards to KPeople
kproperty Property editing framework with editor widget similar to Qt Designer
kpublictransport Library for accessing public transport timetables and other information
kqoauth Library for Qt that implements the OAuth 1.0 authentication specification
kreport Framework for creation and generation of reports in multiple formats
kuserfeedback Framework to collect user feedback for applications via telemetry and surveys
leatherman A C++ toolkit
leveldb a fast key-value storage library written at Google
level-zero oneAPI Level Zero headers, loader and validation layer
libaio Asynchronous input/output library that uses the kernels native interface
libappindicator A library to allow applications to export a menu into the Unity Menu bar
libarcus This library facilitates communication between Cura and its backend
libassuan IPC library used by GnuPG and GPGME
libatasmart A small and lightweight parser library for ATA S.M.A.R.T. hard disks
libatomic_ops Implementation for atomic memory update operations
libax25 AX.25 library for hamradio applications
libb64 Fast Base64 encoding/decoding routines
libbase58 C implementation of Bitcoin's base58 encoding
libbpf Stand-alone build of libbpf from the Linux kernel
libbsd Library to provide useful functions commonly found on BSD systems
libbson Library routines related to building,parsing and iterating BSON documents
libbulletml A Library of Bullet Markup Language
libburn Open-source library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs
libbytesize Tiny library providing a C "class" for working with arbitrary big sizes in bytes
libcbor CBOR protocol implementation for C and others
libcdada Basic data structures in C
libcdio A library to encapsulate CD-ROM reading and control
libcdio-paranoia an advanced CDDA reader with error correction
libcec Library for communicating with the Pulse-Eight USB HDMI-CEC Adaptor
libcgroup Tools and libraries to configure and manage kernel control groups
libcharon This library facilitates communication between Cura and its backend
libclc OpenCL C library
libclthreads POSIX threads C++ access library
libconfig Libconfig is a simple library for manipulating structured configuration files
libcroco Generic Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit
libcss CSS parser and selection engine, written in C
libdaemon Simple library for creating daemon processes in C
libdazzle Experimental new features for GTK+ and GLib
libdbh A small library to create and manage 64-bit disk based hash tables
libdbusmenu Library to pass menu structure across DBus
libdbusmenu-qt Library providing Qt implementation of DBusMenu specification
libdispatch A library for concurrent code execution on multicore hardware
libdivecomputer Library for communication with dive computers from various manufacturers.
libdivsufsort Suffix-sorting library (for BWT)
libdnet simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines
libdnsres A non-blocking DNS resolver library
libdshconfig Library for parsing configuration files
libdynd C++ dynamic multi-dimensionnal array library with Python exposure
libe Hyperdex libe support library
libebml Extensible binary format library (kinda like XML)
libedit BSD replacement for libreadline
libee An Event Expression Library inspired by CEE
libelf A ELF object file access library
liberasurecode Erasure Code API library written in C with pluggable Erasure Code backends.
libestr Library for some string essentials
libev A high-performance event loop/event model with lots of feature
libevdev Handler library for evdev events
libevent Library to execute a function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor
libezV24 library that provides an easy API to Linux serial ports
libf2c Library that converts FORTRAN to C source
libfastjson Fork of the json-c library, which is optimized for liblognorm processing
libffi a portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions
libffi-compat a portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions
libfido2 Provides library functionality for FIDO 2.0
libfilezilla C++ library offering some basic functionality for platform-independent programs
libflatarray Struct of arrays library with object oriented interface for C++
libfmt Small, safe and fast formatting library
libfstrcmp Make fuzzy comparisons of strings and byte arrays
libg15 The libg15 library gives low-level access to the Logitech G15 keyboard
libg15render Small library for display text and graphics on a Logitech G15 keyboard
libgamin Library providing the FAM File Alteration Monitor API
libgaminggear Provides functionality for gaming input devices
libgcrypt General purpose crypto library based on the code used in GnuPG
libgcrypt-compat Old version of libgcrypt needed by some binaries
libgdata GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using the GData protocol
libgee GObject-based interfaces and classes for commonly used data structures
libgit2 A linkable library for Git
libgit2-glib Git library for GLib
libgnome-games-support Library for code common to GNOME games
libgnt Pidgin's GLib Ncurses Toolkit
libgpg-error Contains error handling functions used by GnuPG software
libgpiod C library and tools for interacting with the linux GPIO character device
libgudev GObject bindings for libudev
libgusb GObject wrapper for libusb
libgweather Location and timezone database and weather-lookup library
libhid Provides a generic and flexible way to access and interact with USB HID devices
libical Implementation of basic iCAL protocols
libiconv GNU charset conversion library for libc which doesn't implement it
libIDL CORBA tree builder
libindicate Library to raise flags on DBus for other components of the desktop
libindicator A set of symbols and convience functions that all indicators would like to use
libinput Library to handle input devices in Wayland
libintl the GNU international library (split out of gettext)
libisoburn Creation/expansion of ISO-9660 filesystems on CD/DVD media supported by libburn
libisofs Open-source library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs
libite A collection of useful BSD APIs
libixion General purpose formula parser & interpreter
libjcat Library and tool for reading and writing Jcat files
libkpass Libkpass is a C implementation to access KeePass 1.x format password databases
libksba X.509 and CMS (PKCS#7) library
liblinear A Library for Large Linear Classification
liblist Generic linked-list manipulation routines, plus queues and stacks
liblogging Liblogging is an easy to use, portable, open source library for system logging
liblognorm Fast samples-based log normalization library
liblouis An open-source braille translator and back-translator
libltdl A shared library tool for developers
liblzw small C library for reading LZW compressed files (.Z)
libmaa Library with low-level data structures which are helpful for writing compilers
libmanette Simple GObject game controller library
libmateweather MATE library to access weather information from online services
libmaxminddb C library for the MaxMind DB file format
libmba A library of generic C modules
libmcrypt libmcrypt provides uniform interface to access several encryption algorithms
libmelf libmelf is a library interface for manipulating ELF object files
libmemcached a C client library to the memcached server
libmirage CD and DVD image access library
libmix Programs Crypto/Network/Multipurpose Library
libmodbus Modbus library which supports RTU communication over a serial line or a TCP link
libmoe Multi octet character encoding handling library
libmowgli Useful set of performance and usability-oriented extensions to C
libmpack Simple implementation of msgpack in C
libmspack A library for Microsoft compression formats
libnatspec library to smooth charset/localization issues
libnest2d Library and framework for the 2D bin packaging problem
libnfc Near Field Communications (NFC) library
libnl Libraries providing APIs to netlink protocol based Linux kernel interfaces
libnsfb C library for framebuffer abstraction
libnsutils C library for base64 and time
libofx Library to support the Open Financial eXchange XML format
liboil Library of simple functions that are optimized for various CPUs
liborcus Standalone file import filter library for spreadsheet documents
libotf Library for handling OpenType fonts (OTF)
libowfat reimplement libdjb - excellent libraries from Dan Bernstein
libp11 Abstraction layer to simplify PKCS#11 API
libparserutils C library for building efficient parsers
libpcre Perl-compatible regular expression library
libpcre2 Perl-compatible regular expression library
libpcre-debian libpcre(posix).so.3 symlinks for compatibility with Debian
libpeas A GObject plugins library
libpfm Hardware-based performance monitoring interface for Linux
libpipeline a pipeline manipulation library
libplatform Platform support library used by libCEC and binary add-ons for Kodi
libpo6 Hyperdex libpo6 support library
libpqxx Standard front-end for writing C++ programs that use PostgreSQL
libprelude Prelude-SIEM Framework Library
libpreludedb Framework to easy access to the Prelude database
libpthread-stubs Pthread functions stubs for platforms missing them
libpwquality Library for password quality checking and generating random passwords
libpy Utilities for writing C++ extension modules
libqtxdg Qt Implementation of XDG Standards
libratbag Library to configure gaming mice
librdkafka Apache Kafka C/C++ client library
librelp An easy to use library for the RELP protocol
librep Shared library implementing a Lisp dialect
libreport Generic library for reporting software bugs
libretls Port of libtls from LibreSSL to OpenSSL
librevenge A helper library for REVerse ENGineered formats filters
libsass A C/C++ implementation of a Sass CSS compiler
libsavitar C++ implementation of 3mf loading with SIP python bindings
libsecp256k1 Optimized C library for EC operations on curve secp256k1
libserdes Avro SerializationDeserialization w/ Confluent schema-registry support
libserialport Cross platform serial port access library
libsigc++ Typesafe callback system for standard C++
libsigsegv Library for handling page faults in user mode
libslz stateless, zlib-compatible, and very fast compression library
libsodium A portable fork of NaCl, a higher-level cryptographic library
libspnav libspnav is a replacement for the magellan library with a cleaner API
libspt Library for handling root privilege
libstrl Compat library for functions like strlcpy(), strlcat(), strnlen(), getline()
libstroke A Stroke and Gesture recognition Library
libstrophe A simple, lightweight C library for writing XMPP clients
libtar C library for manipulating tar archives
libtasn1 ASN.1 library
libtecla Tecla command-line editing library
libtermkey Library for easy processing of keyboard entry from terminal-based programs
libthreadar Threading library used by dar archiver
libtimezonemap GTK+3 timezone map widget
libtomcrypt LibTomCrypt is a comprehensive, modular and portable cryptographic toolkit
libtomfloat library for floating point number manipulation
libtommath Optimized and portable routines for integer theoretic applications
libtompoly portable ISO C library for polynomial basis arithmetic
libtpms Library providing software emultion of a TPM
libtreadstone Hyperdex libtreadstone support library
libtsm Terminal Emulator State Machine
libtubo small and simple interprocess communication library
libucl Universal configuration library parser
libudfread Library for reading UDF from raw devices and image files
libuev Lightweight event loop library for Linux epoll() family APIs
libugpio Lib for the use of linux kernel's sysfs gpio interface from C programs
libunibreak Line and word breaking library
libuninum A library for converting unicode strings to numbers and vice versa
libunique A library for writing single instance application
libunistring Library for manipulating Unicode and C strings according to Unicode standard
libusb Userspace access to USB devices
libusb-compat Userspace access to USB devices (libusb-0.1 compat wrapper)
libusbhp Usb Hotplug Library
libutf8proc A clean C Library for processing UTF-8 Unicode data
libuv Cross-platform asychronous I/O
libvarlink C implementation of the Varlink protocol and command line tool
libverto Main event loop abstraction library
libvformat Library to read and write vcard files
libvoikko Spell checking, hyphenation and morphological analysis tool for Finnish language
libvterm An abstract library implementation of a VT220/xterm/ECMA-48 terminal emulator
libvterm-neovim An abstract library implementation of a VT220/xterm/ECMA-48 terminal emulator
libwacom Library for identifying Wacom tablets and their model-specific features
libwapcaplet string internment library, written in C
libwbxml Library and tools to parse, encode and handle WBXML documents
libx86 A hardware-independent library for executing real-mode x86 code
libx86emu A library for emulating x86
libxdg-basedir Small library to access XDG Base Directories Specification paths
libxdiff Library for creating diff files
libxls A library which can read Excel (xls) files
libxml2 XML C parser and toolkit
libxmlb Library to help create and query binary XML blobs
libxslt XSLT libraries and tools
libyaml YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
libzia Platform abstraction code for tucnak package
libzip Library for manipulating zip archives
light A program to control backlights (and other hardware lights)
link-grammar A Syntactic English parser
lockdev Library for locking devices
log4cplus C++ port of the Log for Java (log4j) logging library
log4cpp C++ classes for flexible logging to files, syslog and other destinations
log4cxx Library of C++ classes for logging to files, syslog and other destinations
log4sh A flexible logging framework for shell scripts
luise Programming interface for the Wallbraun LCD-USB-Interface
lzo An extremely fast compression and decompression library
m17n-lib Multilingual Library for Unix/Linux
maloc Minimal Abstraction Layer for Object-oriented C/C++ programs
marisa Matching Algorithm with Recursively Implemented StorAge
mathjax JavaScript display engine for LaTeX, MathML and AsciiMath
metee Cross-platform access library for Intel CSME HECI interface
mimetic C++ MIME library designed to be easy to use and integrate, fast and efficient.
miniz A lossless, high performance data compression library
mm Shared Memory Abstraction Library
mmtf-cpp The pure C++ implementation of the MMTF API, decoder and encoder
mongo-c-driver Client library written in C for MongoDB
mpc A library for multiprecision complex arithmetic with exact rounding
mpfr Library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with exact rounding
msgpack MessagePack is a binary-based efficient data interchange format
mxml A small XML parsing library that you can use to read XML data files or strings
nanomsg High-performance messaging interface for distributed applications
ncnn High-performance neural network inference framework
nettle Low-level cryptographic library
newt Redhat's Newt windowing toolkit development files
nmeap Extensible NMEA-0183 (GPS) data parser in standard C
npth New GNU Portable Threads Library
nsgenbind Generate Javascript-to-DOM bindings from w3c webidl files
nspr Netscape Portable Runtime
nss Mozilla's Network Security Services library that implements PKI support
nss-pem PEM file reader for Network Security Services (NSS)
nsync C library that exports various synchronization primitives, such as mutexes
ntl High-performance and portable C++ number theory library
ocl-icd Alternative to vendor specific OpenCL ICD loaders
onigmo Onigmo is a regular expressions library forked from Oniguruma
oniguruma Regular expression library for different character encodings
opencl-clang OpenCL-oriented thin wrapper library around clang
opencl-icd-loader Official Khronos OpenCL ICD Loader
opencryptoki PKCS#11 provider cryptographic hardware
openct library for accessing smart card terminals
OpenNI2 OpenNI2 SDK
openobex Implementation of the OBEX protocol used for transferring data to mobile devices
opensc Libraries and applications to access smartcards
openspecfun A collection of special mathematical functions
openssl full-strength general purpose cryptography library (including SSL and TLS)
openssl-compat Toolkit for SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1
ossp-uuid An ISO-C:1999 API with CLI for generating DCE, ISO/IEC and RFC compliant UUID
pakchois PaKChoiS - PKCS #11 wrapper library
papi Performance Application Programming Interface
pcc-libs pcc compiler support libs
pcl Portable Coroutine Library
pegtl Header-only library for creating parsers according to Parsing Expression Grammar
pigpio A library for the Raspberry which allows control of the GPIOs
pkcs11-helper PKCS#11 helper library
plasma-wayland-protocols Plasma Specific Protocols for Wayland
pmdk Persistent Memory Development Kit
pocl Portable Computing Language (an implementation of OpenCL)
poco C++ libraries for building network-based applications
popt Parse Options - Command line parser
ppl The Parma Polyhedra Library for numerical analysis of complex systems
processor-trace Intel(R) Processor Trace decoder library
protobuf Google's Protocol Buffers - Extensible mechanism for serializing structured data
protobuf-c Protocol Buffers implementation in C
pslib pslib is a C-library to create PostScript files on the fly
ptexenc Library for Japanese pTeX providing a better way of handling character encodings
pthreads4w POSIX Threads for Windows
pugixml Light-weight, simple, and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support
qcustomplot Qt C++ widget for plotting and data visualization
qoauth Qt-based library for OAuth support
qqwing Sudoku puzzle generator and solver
qrosscore KDE-free version of Kross (core libraries and Qt Script backend)
qtcompress A public API for QZip in an easy to use module
qtkeychain Qt API for storing passwords securely
quazip Simple C++ wrapper over Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP package
raft C implementation of the Raft consensus protocol
rapidjson A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API
rapidxml Fast XML parser
rasqal Library that handles Resource Description Framework (RDF)
rccl ROCm Communication Collectives Library (RCCL)
re2 An efficient, principled regular expression library
redland High-level interface for the Resource Description Framework
redland-bindings Language bindings for Redland
rinutils Set of C headers containing macros and static functions
rlog A C++ logging library
rocclr Radeon Open Compute Common Language Runtime
rocksdb Embeddable, persistent key-value store for fast storage
rocm-comgr Radeon Open Compute Code Object Manager
rocm-device-libs Radeon Open Compute Device Libraries
rocm-hostcall Radeon Open Compute hostcall API
rocm-opencl-runtime Radeon Open Compute OpenCL Compatible Runtime
rocr-runtime Radeon Open Compute Runtime
roct-thunk-interface Radeon Open Compute Thunk Interface
rremove A simple library to recursively delete non-empty directories
s2n simple, small, fast and secure C99 implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols
satyr Satyr is a collection of low-level algorithms for program failure processing
sdformat Simulation Description Format (SDF) parser
serd Library for RDF syntax which supports reading and writing Turtle and NTriples
serdisplib Library to drive several displays with built-in controllers or display modules
shhopt library for parsing command line options
simdjson SIMD accelerated C++ JSON library
sink Data access layer handling synchronization, caching and indexing
skalibs general-purpose libraries
smack low-level IO storage which packs data into sorted compressed blobs
snowball-stemmer All you need to include the snowball stemming algorithms into a C project
softhsm A software PKCS#11 implementation
sord Library for storing RDF data in memory
spdlog Very fast, header only, C++ logging library
spsdeclib Kryoflux SPS Decoder Library
squareball A general-purpose library for C99
starpu Unified runtime system for heterogeneous multicore architectures
stb single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries for C/C++
stfl A library which implements a curses-based widget set for text terminals
stp Simple Theorem Prover, an efficient SMT solver for bitvectors
template-glib Templating library for GLib
tinyxml Simple and small C++ XML parser
tinyxml2 A simple, small, efficient, C++ XML parser
tntnet Modular, multithreaded web application server extensible with C++
tomsfastmath Fast public domain large integer arithmetic library
totem-pl-parser Playlist parsing library
tre Lightweight, robust, and efficient POSIX compliant regexp matching library
tree-sitter Tree-sitter is a parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library.
trio Portable string functions, focus on the *printf() and *scanf() clones
tvision Text User Interface that implements the well known CUA widgets
tvmet Tiny Vector Matrix library using Expression Templates
ucl the UCL Compression Library
ucommon Portable C++ runtime for threads and sockets
udis86 Disassembler library for the x86/-64 architecture sets
unibilium A very basic terminfo library
unittest++ A lightweight unit testing framework for C++
univalue C++ universal value object and JSON library
urdfdom URDF (U-Robot Description Format) library
urdfdom_headers URDF (U-Robot Description Format) headers
uriparser Strictly RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing library in C
userspace-rcu userspace RCU (read-copy-update) library
utfcpp UTF-8 C++ library
uthash An easy-to-use hash implementation for C programmers
uulib Library that supports Base64 (MIME), uuencode, xxencode and binhex coding
vala-common Build infrastructure for packages that use Vala
vc SIMD Vector Class Library for C++
vc-intrinsics LLVM intrinsics representing SIMD semantics of a program targeting GPU
voikko-fi Finnish dictionary for libvoikko based spell checkers (vvfst format)
volume_key Library for manipulating and storing storage volume encryption keys
wayland Wayland protocol libraries
wayland-protocols Wayland protocol files
weston Wayland reference compositor
xalan-c XSLT processor for transforming XML into HTML, text, or other XML types
xapian Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval library
xapian-bindings SWIG and JNI bindings for Xapian
xbyak JIT assembler for x86(IA-32)/x64(AMD64, x86-64)
xerces-c A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
xmlrpc-c A lightweigt RPC library based on XML and HTTP
xmlsec Command line tool for signing, verifying, encrypting and decrypting XML
xxhash Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
yajl Small event-driven (SAX-style) JSON parser
yascreen Yet Another Screen Library - curses replacement
yaz C/C++ toolkit for Z39.50v3 clients and servers
zlog A reliable, thread safe, clear-model, pure C logging library.
zthread platform-independent multi-threading and synchronization library for C++
zziplib Lightweight library for extracting data from files archived in a single zip file


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