actionscript-mode A major mode for GNU Emacs for editing Actionscript 3 files
adaptive-wrap Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix
analog Monitor lists of files or command output
apache-mode Major mode for editing Apache configuration files
apel A Portable Emacs Library is a library for making portable Emacs Lisp programs
async Simple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs
atomic-chrome Edit text area on Chrome with Emacs using Atomic Chrome
auctex Extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in Emacs
auto-complete Auto-complete package
autoconf-mode Emacs major modes for editing autoconf and autotest input
basic-toolkit Basic edit toolkit
bbdb The Insidious Big Brother Database
binclock Display the current time using a binary clock
bison-mode Emacs major mode for Bison, Yacc and Lex grammars
blogmax Blogging in Emacs
bm Visible bookmarks in buffer
bongo Buffer-oriented media player for Emacs
boxquote Quote text with a semi-box
browse-kill-ring An improved interface to kill-ring
bubblet A bubble-popping game
buffer-extension Some enhanced functions for buffer manipulate
calfw A calendar framework for Emacs
chess A chess client and library for Emacs
circe A great IRC client for Emacs
cldoc Show Common Lisp operators and variables information in echo area
color-browser A utility for designing Emacs color themes
color-moccur Major mode for color moccur
color-theme Install color themes (includes many themes)
company-mode In-buffer completion front-end
crontab-mode Mode for editing crontab files
crypt++ Handle all sorts of compressed and encrypted files
csharp-mode A derived Emacs mode implementing most of the C# rules
css-mode A major mode for editing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
css-sort-buffer Sort CSS buffer
csv-mode A major mode for editing comma-separated value files
cycle-buffer Select buffer by cycling through
dash A modern list library for Emacs
ddskk One Japanese input methods on Emacs
desktop+ desktop+ extends standard desktop module
develock An Emacs minor mode for highlighting broken formatting rules
df-mode Minor mode to show space left on devices in the mode line
dictionary Emacs package for talking to a dictionary server
dircolors Provide the same facility of ls --color inside Emacs
dired-sort-menu Sort entries in Dired mode
distel Distributed Emacs Lisp for Erlang
d-mode Emacs major mode for editing D code
doctest-mode An Emacs major mode for editing Python source
doxymacs Doxygen editing minor mode
dropdown-list Drop-down menu interface
dts-mode Emacs major mode for devicetree sources
ebuild-mode Emacs modes for editing ebuilds and other Gentoo specific files
ebuild-run-mode Major mode for Emacs buffers where ebuild commands run
ecb Source code browser for Emacs
edb EDB, The Emacs Database
edit-list Edit a single list
editorconfig-emacs EditorConfig plugin for emacs
edit-server Service edit requests from a web browser for editing of textareas
eglot A minimal Emacs LSP client
elscreen Frame configuration management for GNU Emacs modelled after GNU Screen
emacs-common Common files needed by all GNU Emacs versions
emacs-daemon Gentoo support for Emacs running as a server in the background
emacs-jabber A Jabber client for Emacs
emacs-w3m emacs-w3m is an interface program of w3m on Emacs
emacs-wget Wget interface for Emacs
emhacks Useful Emacs Lisp libraries, including gdiff, jjar, jmaker, swbuff, and tabbar
emms The Emacs Multimedia System
epl A convenient high-level API for package.el
erobot Battle-bots for Emacs!
eselect-mode Emacs major mode for editing eselect files
ess Emacs Speaks Statistics
evil Extensible vi layer for Emacs
expand-region Emacs extension to increase selected region by semantic units
f Modern API for working with files and directories in Emacs
fff Fast file finder for Emacs
filladapt Filladapt enhances the behavior of Emacs' fill functions
flashcard An Emacs Lisp package for drilling on questions and answers
flim A library to provide basic features about message representation or encoding
flycheck Modern on-the-fly syntax checking extension for GNU Emacs
folding A folding-editor-like Emacs minor mode
ghub Minuscule client library for the Git forge APIs
gnuplot-mode Gnuplot mode for Emacs
gnuserv Attach to an already running Emacs
go-mode An improved Go mode for emacs
google-c-style Provides the google C/C++ coding style
graphql GraphQL utilities
graphviz-dot-mode Emacs mode for editing and previewing Graphviz dot graphs
h4x0r Aid in writing like a script kiddie does
haskell-mode Mode for editing (and running) Haskell programs in Emacs
helm Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework
helm-system-packages A Helm interface to the package manager of your operating system
hexrgb Functions to manipulate colors, including RGB hex strings
highline Minor mode to highlight current line in buffer
howm Note-taking tool on Emacs
htmlize HTML-ize font-lock buffers in Emacs
httpd A HTTP server embedded in the Emacs
icicles Minibuffer input completion and cycling
igrep An improved interface to "grep" and "find"
inform-mode A major mode for editing Inform programs
initsplit Split customizations into different files
jam-mode An Emacs major mode for editing Jam files
jasmin An Emacs major mode for editing Jasmin Java bytecode assembler files
jde Java Development Environment for Emacs
keywiz Emacs key sequence quiz
ledger-mode An Emacs major mode for editing ledger files
libegit2 Emacs bindings for libgit2
lookup An interface to search CD-ROM books and network dictionaries
lua-mode An Emacs major mode for editing Lua scripts
lyskom-elisp-client Elisp client for the LysKOM conference system
magit A Git porcelain inside Emacs
magit-popup Define prefix-infix-suffix command combos
mailcrypt Provides a simple interface to public key cryptography with OpenPGP
markdown-mode Major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files
matlab Major modes for MATLAB .m and .tlc files
mediawiki MediaWiki client for Emacs
meson-mode A GNU Emacs major mode for Meson build-system files
mew Great MIME mail reader for Emacs/XEmacs
mic-paren Advanced highlighting of matching parentheses
mldonkey An Emacs Lisp interface to the MLDonkey core
mmm-mode Enables the user to edit different parts of a file in different major modes
moccur-edit An improved interface to color-moccur for editing
mpg123-el Emacs front-end to mpg123 audio player and OggVorbis audio player
mu-cite Message citation utilities for emacsen
multiple-cursors Multiple cursors for Emacs
multi-term Manage multiple terminal buffers in Emacs
muse An authoring and publishing environment for Emacs
nagios-mode Major mode for editing Nagios configuration files
navi2ch A navigator for the Japanese textboard 2ch
nxml-docbook5-schemas Add support for DocBook 5 schemas to NXML
nxml-gentoo-schemas Extension for nxml-mode with Gentoo-specific schemas
nxml-libvirt-schemas Extension for nxml-mode with libvirt schemas
nxml-svg-schemas Extension for nxml-mode with SVG 1.1 schemas
ocaml-mode Emacs mode for OCaml
org-contrib Contributed packages to Org
org-mode An Emacs mode for notes and project planning
outline-magic Outline mode extensions for Emacs
paredit Minor mode for performing structured editing of S-expressions
pariemacs sci-mathematics/pari emacs mode
php-mode GNU Emacs major mode for editing PHP code
pkg-info Provide information about Emacs packages
planner Maintain a local Wiki using Emacs-friendly markup
po-mode Major mode for GNU gettext PO files
popup Visual popup interface library for Emacs
popwin Popup window manager for Emacs
pov-mode Major mode for Povray scene files
proofgeneral A generic interface for proof assistants
protbuf Protect Emacs buffers from accidental killing
psgml A GNU Emacs Major Mode for editing SGML and XML coded documents
puppet-mode Emacs major mode for editing Puppet manifests
pymacs A tool that allows both-side communication beetween Python and Emacs Lisp
python-mode An Emacs major mode for editing Python source
quack Enhances Emacs support for Scheme
quilt-el Quilt mode for Emacs
qwerty Switch between QWERTY and DVORAK without changing the console keymap
redo+ Redo/undo system for Emacs
regress Regression test harness for Emacs Lisp code
remember Simplify writing short notes in emacs
revive Resume Emacs
rfcview An Emacs mode that reformats IETF RFCs for display
riece A redesign of Liece IRC client
rnc-mode An Emacs mode for editing Relax NG compact schema files
rpm-spec-mode Emacs mode to ease editing of RPM spec files
ruby-mode Emacs major mode for editing Ruby code
rudel Collaborative editing environment for GNU Emacs
rust-mode A major emacs mode for editing Rust source code
s The long lost Emacs string manipulation library
scala-mode Scala mode for Emacs
scheme-complete Scheme tab-completion and word-completion for Emacs
scim-bridge-el a SCIM-Bridge client for Emacs
scss-mode Major mode for editing SCSS files in Emacs
semi A library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emacs
session When you start Emacs, Session restores various variables from your last session
setnu Display line numbers in Emacs buffers
slime SLIME, the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode (Extended)
sml-mode Emacs major mode for editing Standard ML
sokoban Implementation of Sokoban for Emacs
ssh Support for SSH sessions in Emacs shell buffers
stripes An Emacs mode that alternates the background color of lines
sumibi Statistical Japanese input method using the Internet as a large corpus
teco TECO interpreter for GNU Emacs
template Use templates, decorate comments, auto-update buffers
tempo-snippets Visual insertion of tempo templates
thinks Insert text in a think bubble
transient Use the Emacsclient as the $EDITOR of child processes
treepy Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
tuareg-mode An Objective Caml/Camllight mode for Emacs
twittering-mode Emacs major mode for Twitter
typing The Typing of Emacs -- an Elisp parody of The Typing of the Dead for Dreamcast
uboat Generate u-boat-death messages, patterned after Iron Coffins
undo-tree Undo trees and visualization
uptimes Track and display emacs session uptimes
vhdl-mode VHDL-mode for Emacs
visual-basic-mode A mode for editing Visual Basic programs
vm The VM mail reader for Emacs
volume Tweak your sound card volume from Emacs
vterm Fully-featured terminal emulator based on libvterm
w3mnav Add Info-like navigation keys to the emacs-w3m web browser
wanderlust Yet Another Message Interface on Emacsen
websocket A websocket implementation in elisp
wgrep Writable grep buffer and apply the changes to files
whine Complaint generator for GNU Emacs
wikipedia-mode Mode for editing Wikipedia articles off-line
windows Window manager for GNU Emacs
with-editor Use the Emacsclient as the $EDITOR of child processes
xclip Emacs Interface to XClip
xrdb-mode An Emacs major mode for editing X resource database files
xslide An Emacs major mode for editing XSL stylesheets and running XSL processes
yaml-mode A major mode for GNU Emacs for editing YAML files
yasnippet Yet another snippet extension for Emacs
yasnippet-snippets A collection of yasnippet snippets for many languages
yatex Yet Another TeX mode for Emacs
zenburn Zenburn color theme for Emacs
zenirc A full-featured scriptable IRC client for the Emacs text editor


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