The app-emacs category contains extension packages for the Emacs text editor.

aAssociative data structure functions for Emacs Lisp
ace-windowQuickly switch windows in Emacs
actionscript-modeA major mode for GNU Emacs for editing Actionscript 3 files
adaptive-wrapSmart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix
all-the-iconsVarious icon fonts propertized for Emacs
all-the-icons-diredDisplay all-the-icons icon for each file in Emacs' dired buffer
all-the-icons-ibufferDisplay all-the-icons icons for all buffers in Emacs' ibuffer
all-the-icons-ivy-richDisplay icons for ivy buffers in Emacs
amxAlternative M-x interface for GNU Emacs
analogMonitor lists of files or command output
anaphoraAnaphoric expressions for Emacs Lisp, providing implicit temporary variables
ansiEmacs library to convert strings into ansi
apache-modeMajor mode for editing Apache configuration files
apelA Portable Emacs Library is a library for making portable Emacs Lisp programs
apheleiaReformat GNU Emacs buffers stably without moving point
assessTest support functions for Emacs
asyncSimple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs
atomic-chromeEdit text area on Chrome with Emacs using Atomic Chrome
auctexExtensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in Emacs
auto-completeAuto-complete package
autoconf-modeEmacs major modes for editing autoconf and autotest input
autothemerConveniently define themes for GNU Emacs
avyJump to arbitrary positions in visible text and quickly select
avy-embark-collectUse avy to jump to Embark Collect entries
bbdbThe Insidious Big Brother Database
biblioBrowse and import bibliographic references with Emacs
binclockDisplay the current time using a binary clock
bind-chordKey-chord binding helper for use-package-chords
bind-keySimple way to manage personal keybindings
bison-modeEmacs major mode for Bison, Yacc and Lex grammars
blogmaxBlogging in Emacs
bmVisible bookmarks in buffer
bnf-modeGNU Emacs major mode for editing BNF grammars
bongoBuffer-oriented media player for Emacs
boogie-friendsEmacs tools for interacting with Boogie, Dafny and Z3 (SMT2)
boxquoteQuote text with a semi-box
browse-kill-ringAn improved interface to kill-ring
bubbletA bubble-popping game
buiBuffer interface library for Emacs
burlySave and restore frames and windows with their buffers in Emacs
buttercupBehaviour-driven Elisp testing
calfwA calendar framework for Emacs
capeCompletion At Point Extensions
caskProject management for Emacs package development
cask-modeMajor mode for editing Cask files for Emacs
centaur-tabsCustomizable tabs plugin for GNU Emacs
cfrsChild Frame Read String, alternative to read-string
chessA chess client and library for Emacs
ciderClojure Interactive Development Environment for GNU Emacs
circeA great IRC client for Emacs
citarEmacs package to quickly find and act on bibliographic references
citeproc-elCSL 1.0.2 Citation Processor for Emacs
cldocShow Common Lisp operators and variables information in echo area
clojure-modeMajor mode for Clojure code
cmake-font-lockAdvanced, type aware, highlight support for CMake
cmake-modeGNU Emacs mode for handling CMake build files
color-browserA utility for designing Emacs color themes
color-moccurMajor mode for color moccur
color-themeInstall color themes (includes many themes)
commanderEmacs command line parser
commenterSet both single and multi line comment variables in Emacs Lisp
company-coqCollection of extensions for Proof General's Coq mode
company-ebuildCompany backend for editing Ebuild files
company-mathCompletion back-ends for for math unicode symbols and latex tags
company-modeIn-buffer completion front-end
company-quickhelpCompany documentation popups for completion candidates
compatCompatibility libraries for Emacs
consultConsulting complete-read for GNU Emacs
consult-flycheckConsult integration for Flycheck
corfuCompletion Overlay Region FUnction
counselVersions of common Emacs commands customized to make the best use of ivy
crontab-modeMode for editing crontab files
cruxCollection of Ridiculously Useful eXtensions for GNU Emacs
csharp-modeA derived Emacs mode implementing most of the C# rules
css-modeA major mode for editing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
css-sort-bufferSort CSS buffer
csv-modeA major mode for editing comma-separated value files
ctableTable Component for Emacs Lisp
cycle-bufferSelect buffer by cycling through
dap-modeDebug Adapter Protocol mode
dashA modern list library for Emacs
dashboardExtensible Emacs dashboard, with sections like bookmarks, agenda and more
ddskkOne Japanese input methods on Emacs
deferredDeferred and Concurrent - simple asynchronous functions for Emacs Lisp
deftQuickly browse, filter and edit directories of plain text notes
demapDetachable minimap for Emacs
denoteSimple notes for Emacs with an efficient file-naming scheme
desktop+desktop+ extends standard desktop module
desktop-entry-modeGNU Emacs mode for handling desktop entry files
develockAn Emacs minor mode for highlighting broken formatting rules
devilProvides a modifier-free editing experience
df-modeMinor mode to show space left on devices in the mode line
dictionaryEmacs package for talking to a dictionary server
diff-hlHighlight uncommitted changes, jump between and revert them selectively
diminishHiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays (lighters)
dircolorsProvide the same facility of ls --color inside Emacs
dired-hacksCollection of useful dired additions for GNU Emacs
dired-sort-menuSort entries in Dired mode
distelDistributed Emacs Lisp for Erlang
d-modeEmacs major mode for editing D code
dockerEmacs integration for Docker
dockerfile-modeGNU Emacs mode for handling Dockerfiles
docker-trampEmacs TRAMP integration for docker containers
doctest-modeAn Emacs major mode for editing Python source
doom-modelineFancy and fast mode-line for Emacs inspired by minimalism design
doom-themesOpinionated megapack of modern color-themes for GNU Emacs
doxymacsDoxygen editing minor mode
dropdown-listDrop-down menu interface
dts-modeEmacs major mode for devicetree sources
dune-formatReformat OCaml's dune files automatically
dwarf-modeEmacs mode to browse DWARF information
earthfile-modeGNU Emacs major mode for editing Earthly Earthfiles
ebibBibTeX database manager for Emacs
ebuild-modeEmacs modes for editing ebuilds and other Gentoo specific files
ebuild-run-modeMajor mode for Emacs buffers where ebuild commands run
ecbSource code browser for Emacs
ecukesCucumber for Emacs
edbEDB, The Emacs Database
edit-indirectEdit regions in separate Emacs buffers
edit-listEdit a single list
editorconfig-emacsEditorConfig plugin for emacs
edit-serverService edit requests from a web browser for editing of textareas
ef-themesColourful and legible themes for GNU Emacs
eglotA minimal Emacs LSP client for GNU Emacs
eimpEmacs Image Manipulation Package
eldevEmacs Lisp Development Tool
eldoc-boxChild frame doc for Eglot and anything that uses ElDoc
elfeedEmacs web feeds client
elfeed-protocolProvide extra news client subscription protocols for elfeed
elixir-modeEmacs major mode for editing Elixir files
el-mockMocking library for Emacs
elpa-mirrorCreate local package repository from installed Emacs Lisp packages
elpherPractical and friendly Gopher and Gemini client for GNU Emacs
elpyEmacs Python Development Environment
elscreenFrame configuration management for GNU Emacs modelled after GNU Screen
emacs-aioAsync and await functions for Emacs Lisp
emacs-ansiloveDisplay buffers as PNG images using ansilove in GNU Emacs
emacs-bazel-modeEmacs major modes for the Bazel build system support
emacs-cclsEmacs client for ccls, a C/C++ language server
emacs-commonCommon files needed by all GNU Emacs versions
emacs-crystal-modeGNU Emacs major mode for editing Crystal programming language files
emacs-daemonGentoo support for Emacs running as a server in the background
emacs-eatEmulate A Terminal, in a region, in a buffer and in Eshell
emacs-ebuild-snippetsYasnippets for editing ebuilds and eclasses
emacs-eixEix integration for GNU Emacs
emacs-el-fetchShow system information in Neofetch-like style inside Emacs
emacs-ipython-notebookJupyter notebook client in Emacs
emacs-jabberA Jabber client for Emacs
emacs-openrcOpenRC integration for GNU Emacs
emacsqlA high-level Emacs Lisp RDBMS front-end
emacs-w3memacs-w3m is an interface program of w3m on Emacs
emacs-websearchQuery search engines from Emacs
emacs-wgetWget interface for Emacs
embarkConveniently act on minibuffer completions inside GNU Emacs
embark-consultConsult integration for Embark
emhacksUseful Emacs Lisp libraries, including gdiff, jjar, jmaker, swbuff, and tabbar
emmsThe Emacs Multimedia System
emojifyDisplay emojis in Emacs, like :smile: or plain ASCII ones like :)
engrave-facesConvert font-lock faces to other formats
epcRPC stack for Emacs Lisp
eplA convenient high-level API for package.el
erefactorEmacs-Lisp refactoring utilities
erobotBattle-bots for Emacs!
ert-asyncAsync support for ERT
ert-runnerOpinionated Emacs Ert testing workflow
eselect-modeEmacs major mode for editing eselect files
espudsCommon step definitions for Emacs Ecukes
essEmacs Speaks Statistics
esupBenchmark Emacs Startup time without ever leaving it
evilExtensible vi layer for Emacs
exec-path-from-shellEnsure environment variables inside Emacs are the same as in shell
exheres-modeMajor mode for editing files in exheres format
expand-regionEmacs extension to increase selected region by semantic units
external-completionLet external tools control completion style in GNU Emacs
exwmEmacs X Window Manager
fModern API for working with files and directories in Emacs
fennel-modeEmacs support for the Fennel programming language
fffFast file finder for Emacs
filladaptFilladapt enhances the behavior of Emacs' fill functions
flashcardAn Emacs Lisp package for drilling on questions and answers
flimA library to provide basic features about message representation or encoding
flycheckModern on-the-fly syntax checking extension for GNU Emacs
flycheck-clang-tidyFlycheck syntax checker using clang-tidy
flycheck-guileFlycheck checker for the GNU Guile Scheme implementation
flycheck-inlineDisplay Flycheck errors inline
flycheck-nimsuggestEmacs Flycheck backend for Nim language using nimsuggest
flycheck-packageFlycheck checker for Emacs Lisp package metadata
foldingA folding-editor-like Emacs minor mode
fsharp-modeSupport for the F# programming language
gap-modeMajor mode for editing and running GAP programs
geiserGeneric interaction mode between Emacs and different Scheme implementations
geiser-chezChez Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols
geiser-chickenChicken Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols
geiser-gambitGambit Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols
geiser-guileGuile's implementation of the Geiser protocols
geiser-mitMIT/GNU Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols
ghubMinuscule client library for the Git forge APIs
git-modesEmacs major modes for editing Git configuration files
git-timemachineStep through historic versions of git controlled files in GNU Emacs
gnuplot-modeGnuplot mode for Emacs
gnuservAttach to an already running Emacs
god-modeMinor mode for God-like command entering in GNU Emacs
go-modeAn improved Go mode for emacs
google-c-styleProvides the google C/C++ coding style
graphqlGraphQL utilities
graphviz-dot-modeEmacs mode for editing and previewing Graphviz dot graphs
groovy-emacs-modesGroovy major mode, grails minor mode, and a groovy inferior mode
gruvbox-themeGruvbox is a retro groove color scheme, now in Emacs
h4x0rAid in writing like a script kiddie does
haskell-modeMode for editing (and running) Haskell programs in Emacs
haxe-modeMajor mode for editing Haxe files
helmEmacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework
helm-system-packagesA Helm interface to the package manager of your operating system
hexrgbFunctions to manipulate colors, including RGB hex strings
highlight-indentationMinor modes to highlight indentation guides in Emacs
highlineMinor mode to highlight current line in buffer
hl-todoHighlight TODO and similar keywords in comments and strings
howmNote-taking tool on Emacs
htThe missing hash table library for Emacs
htmlizeHTML-ize font-lock buffers in Emacs
httpdA HTTP server embedded in the Emacs
hydraMake Emacs bindings that stick around
iciclesMinibuffer input completion and cycling
igrepAn improved interface to "grep" and "find"
indent-barsFast, configurable indentation guide-bars for Emacs
inf-clojureMajor mode for Clojure code
inform-modeA major mode for editing Inform programs
initsplitSplit customizations into different files
ivyGeneric completion mechanism for Emacs
ivy-richMore friendly interface for ivy
jam-modeAn Emacs major mode for editing Jam files
jasminAn Emacs major mode for editing Jasmin Java bytecode assembler files
jinxEnchanted Spell Checker for GNU Emacs
jq-modeEmacs major mode for editing jq queries
js2-modeImproved JavaScript editing mode for GNU Emacs
js-comintRun a JavaScript interpreter in an Emacs inferior process window
julia-modeEmacs major mode for the Julia programming language
julia-replRun an inferior Julia REPL in a terminal inside Emacs
kaolin-themesSet of eye pleasing themes for GNU Emacs
key-chordMap pairs of simultaneously pressed keys to commands
keywizEmacs key sequence quiz
kind-iconCompletion kind icons
lean-modeEmacs mode for the Lean 3 theorem prover
ledger-modeAn Emacs major mode for editing ledger files
libegit2Emacs bindings for libgit2
lice-elLicense and header template for GNU Emacs
load-relativeRelative loads for Emacs Lisp files
lookupAn interface to search CD-ROM books and network dictionaries
lsp-dockerEmacs library to leverage lsp-mode in the Docker environment
lsp-javaEmacs Java IDE using Eclipse JDT Language Server
lsp-modeEmacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol
lsp-treemacsIntegration between lsp-mode and treemacs
lsp-uiUI modules for lsp-mode
lua-modeAn Emacs major mode for editing Lua scripts
lvOther echo area
lyskom-elisp-clientElisp client for the LysKOM conference system
macrostepInteractive macro-expander for Emacs
macrostep-geiserEmacs macrostep back-end powered by geiser
magitA Git porcelain inside Emacs
magit-popupDefine prefix-infix-suffix command combos
mailcryptProvides a simple interface to public key cryptography with OpenPGP
marginaliaMarginalia in the minibuffer
markdown-modeMajor mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files
mastodonEmacs client for Mastodon, federated microblogging social network
math-symbol-listsLists of Unicode mathematical symbols and latex commands
matlabMajor modes for MATLAB .m and .tlc files
m-bufferList Oriented Buffer Operations for Emacs
mediawikiMediaWiki client for Emacs
meson-modeA GNU Emacs major mode for Meson build-system files
metamath-modeMajor GNU Emacs mode for metamath files
mewGreat MIME mail reader for Emacs/XEmacs
mic-parenAdvanced highlighting of matching parentheses
mldonkeyAn Emacs Lisp interface to the MLDonkey core
mmm-modeEnables the user to edit different parts of a file in different major modes
moccur-editAn improved interface to color-moccur for editing
mockerSimple mocking framework for Emacs
modus-themesHighly accessible themes for GNU Emacs
mpg123-elEmacs front-end to mpg123 audio player and OggVorbis audio player
mu-citeMessage citation utilities for emacsen
multiple-cursorsMultiple cursors for Emacs
multi-termManage multiple terminal buffers in Emacs
museAn authoring and publishing environment for Emacs
nagios-modeMajor mode for editing Nagios configuration files
navi2chA navigator for the Japanese textboard 2ch
nerd-iconsEmacs Nerd Font Icons Library
nginx-modeEmacs editing mode for Nginx config files
nim-modeEmacs major mode for the Nim programming language support
ninja-modeGNU Emacs mode for handling Ninja build files
nix-modeGNU Emacs major mode for editing Nix expressions
nofletDynamic, local advice for Emacs-Lisp code
no-litteringELisp library that helps keeping Emacs configuration directory clean
nxml-docbook5-schemasAdd support for DocBook 5 schemas to NXML
nxml-gentoo-schemasExtension for nxml-mode with Gentoo-specific schemas
nxml-libvirt-schemasExtension for nxml-mode with libvirt schemas
nxml-svg-schemasExtension for nxml-mode with SVG 1.1 schemas
oauth2OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol
ocaml-modeEmacs mode for OCaml
orderlessCompletion style that matches multiple regexps in any order
org-appearToggle Org mode element visibility upon entering and leaving
org-contribContributed packages to Org
org-modeAn Emacs mode for notes and project planning
org-modernModern style for your GNU Emacs Org buffers
org-roamRudimentary Roam replica with Org-mode
org-static-blogStatic site generator using Emacs's org-mode
org-superstar-modePrettify headings and plain lists in Org mode (use UTF8 bullets)
osmOpenStreetMap tile-based viewer for GNU Emacs
outline-magicOutline mode extensions for Emacs
package-buildTools for assembling a package archive
package-lintLinting library for Emacs Lisp package metadata
pandoc-modeGNU Emacs minor mode for interacting with Pandoc
pareditMinor mode for performing structured editing of S-expressions
pariemacssci-mathematics/pari emacs mode
parsebibEmacs Lisp library for reading .bib files
parsecljClojure Parser for Emacs Lisp
parseednEDN parser for Emacs Lisp
pdf-toolsEmacs Lisp support library for PDF documents
persistPersist variables between Emacs sessions
pfutureSimple wrapper around asynchronous processes
php-modeGNU Emacs major mode for editing PHP code
pinentryGnuPG Pinentry server implementation for Emacs
pkg-infoProvide information about Emacs packages
plannerMaintain a local Wiki using Emacs-friendly markup
plzHTTP library with curl backend for GNU Emacs
pokeEmacs meets GNU poke!
poke-modeMajor mode for editing Poke programs
polymodeFramework for Multiple Major Modes in Emacs
po-modeMajor mode for GNU gettext PO files
popupVisual popup interface library for Emacs
popwinPopup window manager for Emacs
posframePop up a frame at point
pos-tipShow tooltip at point
pov-modeMajor mode for Povray scene files
powerlineGNU Emacs version of the Vim powerline
powershellGNU Emacs mode for editing and running PowerShell code
projectileA project interaction library for Emacs
proofgeneralA generic interface for proof assistants
protbufProtect Emacs buffers from accidental killing
psgmlA GNU Emacs Major Mode for editing SGML and XML coded documents
puppet-modeEmacs major mode for editing Puppet manifests
pymacsA tool that allows both-side communication between Python and Emacs Lisp
python-modeAn Emacs major mode for editing Python source
pyvenvPython virtual environment interface for Emacs
quackEnhances Emacs support for Scheme
queueQueue data structure
quilt-elQuilt mode for Emacs
qwertySwitch between QWERTY and DVORAK without changing the console keymap
racket-modeEmacs modes for Racket: edit, REPL, check-syntax, debug, profile, and more
rainbow-delimitersHighlight nested parentheses, brackets, and braces according to their depth
rainbow-modeColorize strings that represent colors inside Emacs buffers
raku-modeMajor mode for editing Raku code
reazonGNU Emacs implementation of miniKanren, logic programming language
redo+Redo/undo system for Emacs
reformatterDefine commands which run reformatters on the Emacs buffers
regressRegression test harness for Emacs Lisp code
rememberSimplify writing short notes in emacs
repologyRepology API access via Emacs Lisp
requestCompatible layer for URL request
rescript-modeEmacs major mode for ReScript
restclientHTTP REST client tool for GNU Emacs
reviveResume Emacs
rfcviewAn Emacs mode that reformats IETF RFCs for display
rgGNU Emacs search tool based on ripgrep
rieceA redesign of Liece IRC client
rnc-modeAn Emacs mode for editing Relax NG compact schema files
rpm-spec-modeEmacs mode to ease editing of RPM spec files
rudelCollaborative editing environment for GNU Emacs
rust-modeA major emacs mode for editing Rust source code
sThe long lost Emacs string manipulation library
scad-modeEmacs mode to edit OpenSCAD files
scala-modeScala mode for Emacs
scala-ts-modeEmacs Scala Mode via Tree-Sitter
scheme-completeScheme tab-completion and word-completion for Emacs
scim-bridge-ela SCIM-Bridge client for Emacs
scss-modeMajor mode for editing SCSS files in Emacs
semiA library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emacs
servantELPA server written in Emacs Lisp
sesmanGeneric session manager for Emacs based IDEs
sessionWhen you start Emacs, Session restores various variables from your last session
setnuDisplay line numbers in Emacs buffers
setupMacro to simplify repetitive configuration patterns
sharper.NET SDK CLI wrapper for GNU Emacs using Transient
shell-split-stringSplit Strings Using Shell-Like Syntax
shrink-pathFish-style path truncation for GNU Emacs
shut-upReduce Emacs output of messages
slimeSLIME, the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode (Extended)
slySylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE for GNU Emacs
sml-modeEmacs major mode for editing Standard ML
sokobanImplementation of Sokoban for Emacs
spacemacs-themeEmacs color theme that started as a theme for Spacemacs
speed-typePractice touch and speed typing
spinnerEmacs mode-line spinner for operations in progress
ssass-modeWrite Sass in Emacs without a Turing Machine
sshSupport for SSH sessions in Emacs shell buffers
string-inflectionConvert symbol names between different naming conventions
stripesAn Emacs mode that alternates the background color of lines
sumibiStatistical Japanese input method using the Internet as a large corpus
sunrise-commanderTwin-pane file manager for Emacs inspired by Midnight Commander
svg-libSVG tags, progress bars & icons
swift-modeEmacs support for Apple's Swift programming language
swiperAlternative to isearch that uses ivy to show overview of all matches
switch-windowOffer a customizable visual way to choose a window to switch to
systemd-modeMajor mode for editing systemd units in GNU Emacs
system-packagesManage your installed packages with Emacs
tablistExtended tabulated-list mode fro Emacs
tecoTECO interpreter for GNU Emacs
tempelTemplates with in-buffer field editing for GNU Emacs
templateUse templates, decorate comments, auto-update buffers
tempo-snippetsVisual insertion of tempo templates
thinksInsert text in a think bubble
transientTransient commands abstraction for GNU Emacs
treemacsTree style project file explorer
treemacs-all-the-iconsGNU Emacs all-the-icons integration for treemacs
treepyGeneric tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treesit-autoAutomatic installation, usage, fallback for tree-sitter modes in Emacs 29
tsEmacs timestamp and date-time library
tuareg-modeAn Objective Caml/Camllight mode for Emacs
twittering-modeEmacs major mode for Twitter
typescript-modeTypeScript-support for Emacs
typingThe Typing of Emacs -- an Elisp parody of The Typing of the Dead for Dreamcast
uboatGenerate u-boat-death messages, patterned after Iron Coffins
undercoverTest coverage library for Emacs
undo-treeUndo trees and visualization
uptimesTrack and display emacs session uptimes
use-packageDeclaration macro for simplifying your Emacs configuration
uxntal-modeGNU Emacs major mode for the uxntal assembly language
verticoVertical interactive completion
vhdl-modeVHDL-mode for Emacs
visual-basic-modeA mode for editing Visual Basic programs
vmThe VM mail reader for Emacs
volumeTweak your sound card volume from Emacs
vtermFully-featured terminal emulator based on libvterm
vue-html-modeMajor Emacs mode for editing Vue.js templates
vue-modeMajor Emacs mode for vue component based on mmm-mode
w3mnavAdd Info-like navigation keys to the emacs-w3m web browser
wanderlustYet Another Message Interface on Emacsen
web-modeWeb template editing mode for Emacs
webpastePaste parts of buffers to several pastebin-like services from Emacs
web-serverWeb server running Emacs Lisp handlers
websocketA websocket implementation in elisp
wgrepWritable grep buffer and apply the changes to files
which-keyDisplay the key bindings following your currently entered keys
whineComplaint generator for GNU Emacs
wikipedia-modeMode for editing Wikipedia articles off-line
with-editorUse the Emacsclient as the $EDITOR of child processes
with-simulated-inputEmacs Lisp macro to simulate user input non-interactively
ws-butlerUnobtrusively trim extraneous white-space *ONLY* in lines edited
xclipEmacs Interface to XClip
xelbX protocol Emacs Lisp Binding
xrdb-modeAn Emacs major mode for editing X resource database files
xslideAn Emacs major mode for editing XSL stylesheets and running XSL processes
yamlYAML parser in Emacs Lisp
yaml-modeA major mode for GNU Emacs for editing YAML files
yasnippetYet another snippet extension for Emacs
yasnippet-snippetsA collection of yasnippet snippets for many languages
yatexYet Another TeX mode for Emacs
zenburnZenburn color theme for Emacs
zenircA full-featured scriptable IRC client for the Emacs text editor


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